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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

10 facts about travelling in Indian Railways - 3rd AC

  1. One can be quite proud of the quality of bed linen and the standards of cleanliness maintained. (No pun or sarcasm intended). Even for a people like Indians with a healthy disregard for cleanliness, the compartments and even the toilets are surprisingly clean.
  2. Food from the pantry - hot, tempting, actually delicious most of the times and quite affordable. Obliviates the need to carry food for the long journeys.
  3. Sleep before everybody else does. The cacophony created by the variety of snores, some of them accentuated by the gurgling of flem, is not the best bed time lullaby.
  4. Have a scented handkerchief at your disposal at all times. Remember - when someone breakes wind in a closed compartment, the wind has no where to go!!
  5. Noisy kids are a nuisance - both in general and AC compartments.
  6. Beware of newly weds on their way to or back from their honey moon. There may be action replays of certain scenes which tend to make families traveling with kids uncomfortable - very very uncomfortable.
  7. Always opt for the top berth, if you are upto climbing up. It has a life of its own. Once ther you need to come down to terra firma (though shaky due to the motion of the train) only when nature calls. Also top berths provide the best and uninterrupted view of the scenes as mentioned in point 6 above. That is free entertainment.
  8. Though the standard of people travelling by AC would be expected to be quite high, expectations can be belied many a times.
  9. You can actually enjoy the scenic beauty of the Indian countryside without sans the heat, noice or beggars.
  10. All said and done, a train travel is always a stimulating experience - just keep your mind open to possibilities.

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shashidhara said...

Hi Anweshna,

I was looking for information and especially on the different options in terms of facilities offered in our greta indian railways.Your blog and info about 3rd ac has made me think twice about booking a ticket next time because i hardly travel.Also good to know you are working in bangalore even work in bangalore and the way you have blogged is really heart warming and made me laugh on a lazy sunday @11.50!!!! cheers and i hope you continue blogging.Please let me know how can i read your blogs or even if you can add me on your contacts so that i can read your blogs,my email

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